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outdoor led path lights

outdoor led path lightsThe benefits of outdoor lighting systems offer increased lighting for safety and security, as well as adding beauty and elegance. It is also a great way to make use of your garden after dark, and highlights your landscaped spots.

There are different kinds of lighting called task lighting, and accent lighting. Task lighting is more inclined towards practicality. It may be used to light your landscape to help you move safely around, when preparing food, or as a safety measure to view level changes and stairs.

Accent lighting on the other hand, highlights your favorite landscape spots such as sculptures and trees, while drawing attention away from something like a garden shed.

Solar power and electricity are the two power sources you can consider for outdoor lighting. Undoubtedly, solar energy is better for the environment since it is a renewable resource. The solar energy charges the lights during the day, which can then be used after sunset. Furthermore, the fact that there are no ugly looking cables around, make them a popular option. The disadvantage however, is that they are not as bright as electric light; therefore they cannot be utilized as spotlights or in places that tend to receive little sunlight.

Electric lighting on the other hand, requires wiring and cables which you can actually install yourself. If you choose a 12V transformer, it must be used for electric lights as it acts as a power board. It is plugged into the power point and the lights are plugged into it.

There are two types of outdoor lighting options which are Halogen and Light Emitting Diode (LED). Halogen lights are meant to be used as landscape lights. However, the yellow light that they produce uses much more energy than LED lights, and they become very hot to touch. LED’s emit a purer white light which in fact helps portray the actual color of the landscape. Furthermore, they are a lot cheaper and don’t get hot.

There are a variety of creative lighting designs to have you spoilt for choice. Some of the main ones include uplighting, which directs the light upwards to highlight a feature and to some extent light up a bit of the surrounding areas.

Spotlights are bright lights aimed at one particular feature, which could be a sculpture, water feature or tree. Downlights are positioned at a high level and focus downwards. Path lights are mainly used as a safety and security measure, and should be placed at intervals along the pathway.

Surface lights are those that are built into walls, or used to highlight the deck and step surfaces. They assist visibility and security to some extent. Wall lightings are flat panels that are built into the wall which can light up any features on the wall, as well as highlight your boundary, giving added security.

LEDs tend to be very energy efficient. Moreover, LEDs tend to illuminate significantly longer than incandescent and fluorescent lamps, thus fewer light bulbs tend to be used in the long term. As a consequence of using fewer light bulbs, fewer bulbs need to be disposed. Additionally, LEDs do not contain mercury. All three of these factors make LEDs friendly to the natural environment.

However, not all LEDs are created equally. Indeed, the quality of LED light bulbs varies. One program that checks for energy efficiency and sets high standards is ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR also lists light bulbs that have met the program’s high standards. Therefore, consumers may want to check if the pathway lighting fixture that uses LEDs and they are considering installing on their property, has been listed by ENERGY STAR.

Indeed, many choices are available to consumers when shopping for home lighting. However, given all the choices and variance in quality, they may wish to be well informed prior to purchasing the pathway lighting fixtures that will illuminate the pathways of their homes. source

Beautiful Patio Tile Designs

Patio tile designs come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes. They can be installed in a few hours and require some cleaning for maintenance. The bricks are durable, but if one breaks or splinters only take a few minutes to change. Use design ideas for tiles backyard when you create a zone for receiving or a new patio.

Flagstone patio tile designs, design is similar to the slab as mosaic tiles are not arranged in a specific way. Use tiles of different colors and shapes, which give more interest and depth to the space. The process begins with a layer of grout into the soil. The slurry requires a smooth surface such as cement to adhere properly. Using this idea of design on an existing patio is a good choice. The tiles are laid directly on the grout and pressed on it. A layer of grout on the tiles is applied and smoothed between parts. A sealant is then applied to protect the finished patio.

For a backyard plane tiles used to create an elevated platform or small to receive. Use concrete block or poured concrete in the yard to make a platform. The square or rectangular patio tile designs in light colors highlight the platform and form a strong protection when grout is placed.

Beautiful Patio Tile Designs

Beautiful Patio Umbrellas

You can make your own patio umbrellas holder quickly and economically patio. It will be both attractive and firmer than many commercial carriers that are available today. Using a pot to ensure the umbrella, you can attach the bracket to your outdoor garden. This support is also heavy enough to hold the umbrella fixed even when there is wind. It only takes a few minutes to do and is strong enough to last a lifetime.

You need a convenient way to put your patio umbrellas top-down manner. A sturdy handle provides an easy way to do just that, without undue stress on your back or patio umbrella. Find a crank that easily turns and moves freely. Avoid cranks that seem flimsy as they could break and leave your umbrella useless patio.

Among the patio umbrellas lights, patio string lights seem widely preferred. This is because they are very attractive because they tend to mix with umbrella in a very subtle way. While the chain courtyard umbrella lights are a bit difficult to install, but when installed creates the effect is magical. Moreover lights pole attachment can also be used to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Beautiful Patio Umbrellas


Backyard Patio Gardens

Start decorating your backyard patio gardens like inside your home, choosing a style. Then choose the floor and furniture. Add color with paint, fabrics, accessories, plants and flowers. Decorate a patio offers opportunities to liven up the space with unusual colors, new trends and seasonal accessories. Live plants and flowers transform it into a place that attracts people to meet.

Soils backyard patio gardens can reflect the style of the house. For Southwest style, consider a colorful playground gravel and flagstone. For a contemporary home, stained cement makes a statement. If the exterior is brick, consider adding a brick patio. Many options for working wood and stone patio floor, All-weather outdoor rugs resistant to fading can add softness and texture.

Plants can add beauty, fragrance and texture to backyard patio gardens. Use a mixture of designs and colors of potted flowers. Coordinate flower colors with fabric on a sofa, chair or pillow. Red geraniums contrast nicely with canvas seats yellow and white. Purple flowers like sage and sea lavender make a room seem real when compensation against a palette of classic cream color. Use flowers in pots on floor, in vases on tables and hanging from rafters. If privacy is a factor, use a vine to block view.

Backyard Patio Gardens

Accessories for Patio Ideas

When it comes to accessories for the patio, you will not have room for many, so choose carefully. Cushions are a must, since they add texture, color and comfort to the space. Choose one or two for each chair. Make a light blanket for cool days and hang it from a chair or put it on the table. As for other accessories for the patio, uses a functional. Books, magazines, candles and glasses are accents that have dual uses. On the floor, a carpet can make your balcony you feel more comfortable. If you want to add more accessories, consider putting some shelves. Do not worry combine everything completely, since the goal is to create a comfortable and relaxed space?

If you want to enjoy your patio at night, you also need lighting accessories for patio. On the patio is important that the lighting is subtle. If your patio is bright you cannot see the sky and the night clearly, and besides, all the neighbors see what you’re doing. Candles are a good choice for a warm and soft light put several in different corners of the patio. Hanging lamps paper or kerosene lanterns round the patio door for when you need more light.

accessories for the patio

Awesome Porch Color Inspiration

Hi friends, in this article we will give some information about porch color inspiration. Terraces and porches provide an ideal location to experiment with colors.  Neutral colors like white, beige or gray to create a subtle background for your porch or deck. Let the natural landscape dominates neutral choosing not compete with landscape design or attractive views.

Rich earth tones such as browns, greens and deep blue’s create an extension of the outside on your deck or porch. For the terraces are suitable tones darker and deeper ground, Use paint or stain to achieve the finish you want. For closed porches, choose porch color inspiration that complements for walls and accessories to achieve a unified style. The porches may benefit from a choice of lighter color for the space feel bright and open. Also consider painting the ceiling a light blue sky, as it lights up the space and make it look bigger.

Consider a bright and bold color like red, purple or orange to create a dramatic burst of porch color inspiration. For decks without walls or ceilings, the best way to incorporate bold colors is through accessories. Use strong colors for waterproof cushions. Also consider incorporating brightly colored plants in your design for a touch of natural color.

Awesome Porch Color Inspiration

Beautiful Porch for spring

After winter, many people are looking for a way to repaint their front porches to make them look more vibrant. Spring is one of the best times to decorate a front porch, as you have nature at work by your side. There is plenty of ideas porch for spring. His designs and decorations will not be limited by time, so you can choose a design of your front porch of way you want. With a few simple but brilliant ideas, you can transform your ordinary porch into something beautiful.

Use a wreath to decorate the porch for spring. You can make a wreath with a screw. You can decorate your wreath, however you want. For spring, best furniture to be used is bright flowers and various fruits to liven up your crown. You can also opt to buy ready-made spring wreaths at various craft stores.

Do some gardening, Spring is a good time to plant flowers and other plants. You can be sure that with proper care and nutrition, get good results. They are a great way to add a “little color to your porch for spring in a natural way. Try to decorate the sides of porch with potted plants and flowers to add an accent to design. Alternatively, you can take a pair of metal and hang on your door planters.


Outdoor Wall Mount Porch Lights

Outdoor wall mount porch lights are a wonderful imagination. They have made home safety and security much easier and user pleasant for the homeowner. There are three different types of outdoor motion sensor lights available electrical, battery operated and solar. The individual has their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to use and installation which will be detailed further in the paragraphs following.

This easiest type to work with and install is the battery operated and for the most part is also the least expensive. Where are dozens of different brands with each brand having several different models? Most runs off one of the common sizes of small batteries like AA, C, including D. And just about all of them have LED bulbs because of the low amount of energy needed to power them, Presently just because these are very basic outdoor wall mount porch lights.

The biggest disadvantage of using them is the amount of light they give off. Maximum are only good for lighting small areas like next to your front door so you can see to put the key in. As far as installation goes, if you can use a screwdriver you can install this condition. Cosmic motion sensor outdoor wall mount porch lights are the next easiest style to deal including. The biggest issue with these types of lights is that you must locate your light somewhere that you can place the solar panel in direct sun for an extended period of time. We all remember outdoor wall mount porch lights when it was time to come in – or to stop kissing our dates as they bid us good night. A home just isn’t a home without the infamous porch light. Today, these lights still have the same teen crushing powers, but with modern flare and practical purpose.

With various styles, sizes and intensities of brightness to choose from, many home owners don’t know where to begin. Think about your purposes for the outdoor wall mount porch lights. If style is your primary concern, work with the existing design elements of your home or your outdoor accessories like landscaping and color schemes. Shiny brass exterior light fixtures may clash with your blue Cape Cod style house – consider black or white fixtures as a suitable alternative. Likewise, giant oversized light fixtures won’t quite gel with your 800 square foot war-time house, instead consider installing recessed light fixtures to simply illuminate your home in an eloquent way.

Outdoor Wall Mount Porch Lights

Aluminum Vinyl Porch Cover That Require No Maintenance

Vinyl porch cover – When it comes to choosing options cover the terrace there are a variety of choices and styles are practical as awnings, patio covers that can be ideal if they were drawn, some even motorized with remote controller. There is also a fixed awnings made of aluminum and the people who have various shapes such as convex, canopy, and even the shape of the dome. Aluminum patio best blanket in style tents are those who come in the latest completed, you may not have heard about, namely imitation wood and not just the ones you know there’s a standard white.

Many styles vinyl porch cover is made from a product called Alum wood, and one of them is a series of lines Alum wood lattice blankets. They can design carport and can be booked in the style of W Pan, or other varieties depends largely on the weather in your area. Snowfall and how much weight the roof terrace will need to support. Aluminum in wood finishes that really looks like wood.

Vinyl porch cover is also available in wood finishes and amazing when you consider that they will not need treatment. But vinyl is only one material, you can choose fiberglass, PVC and aluminum design that all have similar features that they do not require maintenance like wood. Imagine no painting, no sanding, no repair rotten boards, no termites, no sealant, no nothing except a large roof, or along the beautiful deck or patio enclosure.

A silver tarp is another variety of heavy duty poly tarp. At 12 mils thick, they are highly rip resistant. They are also treated to be water, rot, and mildew resistant, and can be used in sub-zero temperatures. Silver tarps are frequently used for roofing, trailer and RV covers, woodpiles, and landscaping. Like the white tarp, a silver tarp offers UV protection and heat sealed seams reinforced with rope in the hems and rust resistant grommets.

Vinyl porch cover is an excellent choice for patio and porch enclosures, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without getting wet. They can also turn your RV awning into an instant porch with a view. Unlike many others, clear tarpaulins come in both poly and vinyl material. Vinyl clear tarps are available in both 18 oz – 20 mil size and 27 oz – 30 mil size. This means that they feature 18 or 20 ounces of material per square yard and are 20 to 30 mil thick. This makes them some of the strongest tarps available on the market. Clear vinyl tarps are highly waterproof, tear resistant, as well as acid, oil, grease, and mildew resistant.

Attractive Patio Awning Cover

The patio awning cover is a versatile alternative to give shade to your patio. Best type of awning depends on the location of it and your budget. If you have a patio that is attached to a structure such as your home or a nearby shed, you can install an awning to it and spread it over an area to provide shade. If you want to invest a little more, a professional could install a retractable extending through a remote control or pulley system on your patio when you need it but you roll against your ceiling when not in use. Most tents are made ​​of canvas or fabric, so you have a variety of colors and styles.

If you want to create a choice of shade personalized to your patio awning cover, you need a little more than one lattice and tea. Cloths for curtain are a flexible fabric that stretches over an existing pergola or on a lattice for providing shade.

If your party has an open patio awning cover, this type of shade is best to transform decorative lattice screen functional suspension, as light and wind passes through the fabric shade cloth. For maximum protection seeks tightly woven fabrics that block sun and wind.

Attractive Patio Awning Cover

Amazing Small Patio Decor Ideas

Here are some amazing ideas for small patio decor that can be used to turn your garden into a beautiful space. Pick ones that you find interesting and suitable for their needs. They have a small patio? Feel your size is restricting his idea of ​​turning it into a trailing space? Prepare for your simple and small patio become a fashionable area. You can implement those found are interesting and suitable for addition to your patio.

You can choose from a number of types and varieties available in small patio decor furniture on market. Patio furniture popularly used is cast iron or wicker. Cast iron furniture is one of the best ideas for a small patio on a budget. Basically, these are chic bars, curvilinear structures, design and open structure which make them suitable for small patios.

These do not take up much space and can be easily moved when necessary. A set 2-4 chairs and a table, depending on space available is a good idea for small patio decor. You can have two chairs and a table and also add a fireplace too. This configuration can occupy a corner. Even if you will not spend much time here in chat or rest, must have at least a reclining chair alone here.

Amazing Small Patio Decor Ideas

Metal Screen Porch Attached To House

Metal screen porch – Building a screened porch in your house to create added value, extend your outdoor enjoyment. And create your own private get-a-away you. Why not has your own special place to relax, enjoy a morning cup of coffee and read the newspaper in peace, or this dinner in the comfort of an evening breeze?

Maybe it would be easier and more effective than you think. In fact, if you already have a metal screen porch, which means you are halfway there already. Screen porch with many products on the market today, you can find options to fit almost any budget. This can be one of the cheapest options if you already have a floor and a roof in place. All you need is a display panel or display window, terrace (screens and windows in one product, to give you a choice of three season porch – how neat is that).

A metal screen porch can be custom made or as I prefer, you can buy high-quality display panel with aluminum framing. They make the job quite easy. If you have a cover on a patio or deck, consider using only the screen wall kit. This kit comes with everything you need to include your area and turn it into a screened area. Metal screen porch comes in a variety of styles to fit almost any situation. You can opt for a canvas or metal roof and usually select screening materials specific to your area.  Some models can be left up year round. This option is the most expensive, but a custom porch can have all the amenities like a stone fireplace, flat screen television, outdoor fans, and more.  They can be as elaborate as your budget allows and it will be designed to fit the architecture of your home.

If building it from the ground up you will need a multitude of building skills from foundations to roof construction.  You usually cannot go wrong by hiring a licensed, experienced contractor to build your custom porch.  After it is constructed you will wonder why it took you so long. Whether for privacy or entertaining, a screened porch is always a pleasure: no bugs, protection from the weather, and the tranquility of being outside.  Do not wait any longer – there is an option that is just right for you. Similarly, articles that we wish to convey to you all about Metal screen porch.

Metal Screen Porch Attached To House

Better Alternative Porch Ceiling Light Fixtures

As a proud homeowner, you surely want to decorate your home with lights. With lights, you can turn your home into a place to stay warm and friendly and provide a high level of safety and security after sunset. In addition to providing prevention against intruders, you can also give your home premium and upscale look.

For outdoor lighting us enough, there is no better alternative porch ceiling light fixtures. These lights are very attractive, and because they are shown outside the home, they are designed using a variety of interesting materials such as high quality brass and other eye-catching finish. The tendency to use ceiling lights outdoors is catching on fast because they are considered very fashionable and stylish. They indeed look chic and fashionable at the ceiling of your exterior.

Since porch ceiling light fixtures are kept lit all night, it’s very important for people who are sensitive about their energy bills that these lights consume less electricity as possible. So, in this case, they need to install lower wattage bulbs to ensure less consumption. However, it needs to be a tradeoff between light output and elegance that ceiling lights outdoors can give to your exterior.

Outdoor Hanging lights are most suitable for parties in your back yard or by a party at night by the poolside. Outdoor hanging lights are just what the doctor ordered in such as scenario. These outdoor hanging lanterns illuminate a large area of your outdoor and provide sufficient lighting for outdoor activity after sunset. Outdoor hanging lights, which are also known as outdoor pendant lighting, rightly serve the dual purpose of utility and aesthetics. These lights are the key to change the looks of your home and make it look fabulous. It is simply a fantastic idea to take a detour of the market or a survey of the internet and enhance your exteriors.

Porch ceiling light fixtures are another exquisite form of lighting, but can prove to be a bit over the budget. However, they are much worth the investment that one puts into them. These outdoor hanging lantern fixtures look great and there are many varieties available in the market to choose from. These outdoor chandelier lights look elegant and mesmerizing once they are fixed to your exterior walls and ceilings. An outdoor pendant or a chandelier is a must for every home that makes your home look upscale and classy as it complements the entire interior designing look.

Alternative Porch Ceiling Light Fixtures

Exterior Lighting, Porch

Lighting may seem unimportant to the design of your porch, but has an important role if you plan to use the space at night. There are several options for exterior lighting, porch, so it is very likely that there is an option to suit your needs. For simple and unobtrusive appearance, the lights basis of the post is an ideal exterior lighting porch. They are effective if you want to enhance the style and design of your railings, but also give a glimmer on the floor so you can illuminate your porch without creating much reflection on the level on which they sit. Base lights can be used in alternating poles or each, depending on the level of light you want.

Recessed exterior lighting, porch is installed so that they are flush with the same porch. In this sense, they are similar to the base post, so that both lights illuminate at floor level. However, recessed lights are designed to be able to walk on them, which mean that can be placed wherever on your porch without worrying about stepping on them. They are also ideal for use along the perimeter of your because they provide a soft light without adding bulk to the design.

Exterior Lighting, Porch

Attractive Porch for a Ranch Style

Porch for a ranch style, the same in the present may also be attractive and create an elegant porch front that stand out from the crowd. Ranch houses sometimes have a “U” or “L”, creating a partially enclosed space. This may be appropriate for a porch. If you are located in the front of the house, creates the porch there. The front porch creates a welcoming space for visitors and the surrounding walls awarded a sense of privacy. To get even more privacy, install a trellis fence; the partial opening of the same will avoid the feeling of confinement.

Screens or glass is ideal to porch for a ranch style. It also can be used in cold weather; in fact, but in cold, sunny days, the glass windows make the porch feel warm. You’ll feel connected to nature, but at the same time have privacy and shelter.

The stairs make a small porch look wider and can also use functionally placing plants on the sides and by sitting in those. Two or three wide stairs are an attractive entrance porch for a ranch style. In a simple, rectangular house, front porch stairs also give a chance to add style.

Attractive Porch for a Ranch Style

Backyard Patio Furniture

Suitable backyard patio furniture can accommodate any of your needs. If you like having a BBQ, relax or have a casual conversation with friends, the patio is the perfect place. Even when the sun sets, the yard can still be used with proper lighting. Patios can be different sizes, themes and designs. Depending on your taste, budget and the area you have to work with, you can make your yard attractive relaxation area. Areas with pools require patio umbrellas that come in various colors and design. You can also add a resort like feel on the patio. Dark green is the most popular color choice.

The focal points should be included in backyard patio furniture. These areas of attention and usually consist of a statue, a fountain or flower bed. Backyard patio furniture, lighting is very important. It offers the possibility of using the yard, even at night. In addition, the lights add a nice look and feel of the patio. They can be placed almost anywhere from roofs and trees, trails and accuracy. Para a more natural look, use torches and viewpoints, as well as give a more romantic courtyard aspect.

Backyard Patio Furniture


Amazing Patio ,Color Combinations

One way to add patio color combinations is with flowers. This is best  time to find variety and good prices, so take advantage. Buy colorful pots for them, so you will all summer. If you have room, why not add some vegetable plants or herbs? Some may even scare insects, other than that has fresh ingredients for cooking. If you do not have much space, consider hanging plants, or put some hanging from the patio.

For privacy, best accessory patio color combinations you can use on curtain in various colors. Aside from creating a relaxing environment, they can cover the sun during the hottest part of the day. If you have a large yard, split with curtains to create separate areas for different uses.

Although no need to spend hundreds on new furniture, a new part or accessory can make you want to spend more time on the patio. If you need new furniture, fail to buy what you need. If you cannot, buy a new comfortable chair, a side table for drinks, or new hanging lamps. Note new trends in styles, materials and patio color combinations, so your patio looks like something out of a magazine.

Amazing Patio ,Color Combinations