Assumptions 4 | Hamaraguru

Assumptions 4 | Hamaraguru

31. Statement: Job rotation helps employees get an overview of the organization.
I. Job rotation is the only method to get an overview of the organization.
II. It is required to have an overview of the organization.

32. Statement: Let us appoint Ms. X as the CEO of our company so that the Company’s products are also perceived to be genuine.
I. CEO can change the perception of the products.
II. Perception is the same as the actual reality.

33. Statement: An advertisement- The new model has been launched with K- series engine.
I. People know about the K-series engine.
II. Engine type/series is important for buyers.

34. Statement: Mohan tells Nita, “Let us meet over lunch tomorrow”. 
I. Lunch timings are known to both.
II. Both are aware of the venue for lunch.

35. Statement: You need to be talented to identify talent.
I. Talent is acquired and developed.
II. Talent is hereditary.

36. Statement: The movie is a super-duper hit and has broken all the records. Assumptions:
I. There is no authentic criterion to judge a hit or a flop.
II. The performance of earlier movies is known.

37. Statement: The constable has been recommended for a suitable reward by his superior in recognition of his sincere duty and busting of several gangs of criminals actively involved in the loot and incidents of pick-pocketing.  Which of the following can be a possible assumption of the above statement?
a) The superior is certain that the recommendation would be denied.
b) The number of criminals apprehended by this particular constable was exceptionally high.
c) The constable desires to be monetarily compensated for his efforts.
d) The superior wants to set an example for his other juniors by recommending the reward.
e) Rewards recognizing the sincerity and accomplishments of policemen are given.

38. Statement: Please use public transport to avoid traffic congestion during the Trade Fair.
I. Only private vehicles cause traffic congestion.
II. Many people possess private vehicles.

39. Statement: For better health have fruits instead of vitamin supplement tablets.
I. Vitamins are essential for good health
II. Vitamin supplementing tablets do not help at all in attaining good health.

40. Statement: As the day for result declaration for board exams closes by, the students awaiting their results start feeling the heat. 
I. Anxiety levels are more during board exams than any other exam.
II. Some students are more anxious than other students.

Answer key:
31. b    
32. a    
33. e    
34. e    
35. a
36. b    
37. e    
38. b    
39. a    
40. a