Assumptions 5 | Hamaraguru

Assumptions 5 | Hamaraguru

41. Statements: Only first class science graduates are eligible for the job. 
I. Students with graduation in fields other than science are not as intellectual.
II. Courses other than science are available at the graduation level.

42. Statement: Anyone found smoking in the ‘Non-Smoking’ area would be penalized.
I. There are separate smoking and non- smoking areas.
II. There are some people who do not smoke.

43. Statement: “Sometimes a person acting out of conviction, pursuing a dream represents the spirit of an entire generation”.
I. One gets a conviction out of one’s action.
II. Expectations of different generations are not the same.

44. Statement: “Take a recruitment system, for example, the company would make an offer to somebody it had rejected three months ago! No recruitment database kept a record of that”.
I. It is possible to devise a system which would indicate those applicants who were rejected earlier.
II. This company considers three months too short a period to reconsider the recruitment decision about a candidate.

45. Statement: “Everyone does not need to build a 100 crore or 1000  crore company. Small vs big vs super big is a choice that an entrepreneur makes herself/himself depending upon the ambitions, values and what she/he likes doing”.
I. The figures are for the turnover of the company. 
II. There is hardly any distinction between a small or a big company.

46. Statement: The number of people living below the poverty line in urban areas has increased since last year.
I. People living in rural areas are not below the poverty line.
II. A similar survey was conducted last year.

47. Statement: Travelling by trains rather than cabs is more convenient and economical in Paris.
I. Paris is an expensive city.
II. Train services are reasonably good in Paris.

48. Statement: A government advertisement in public interest- For a child’s better mental health, admit him/her to a school only after five years of age.
I. A child cannot learn before he/she turns five.
II. Some schools admit children who are below five years of age.

49. Statement: Although he has done an MBA through a correspondence course, he is as smart as a person from college X.
I. Students from college X are known for their smartness.
II. Students should do MBA through correspondence to become smart.

50. Statement: Conveyance facility provided by the organization helps employees report to work on time.
I. The conveyance facility which is provided by the organization always reaches on time.
II. It is not possible to report to work on time unless the organization provides conveyance facility.

Answer key:
41. b    
42. e    
43. a    
44. a    
45. b
46. b    
47. b    
48. b    
49. a    
50. d