Assumptions 6 | Hamaraguru

Assumptions 6 | Hamaraguru

51. Statement: A promotional campaign- For healthy children encourage them to play in the playgrounds rather than video games at home.
I. The health of at least some children would improve following this campaign.
II. Most of the parents would not buy video games for their children after this promotional campaign.

52. Statement: ‘We should export the surplus of wheat in order to utilize its over-production this year’.
I. Knowing that the exported wheat is a part of the surplus of the total production, many countries would not pay the desired amount for it.
II. Some countries are willing to import wheat.

53. Statement: If parking space is not available in the office, park your vehicles in the mall and walk to the office. 
I. The mall is at a walkable distance from the office.
II. The office does not allow visitors’ vehicles in its premises.

54. Statement: Farmers must immediately switch over to organic fertilizers from chemical fertilizers for better yield. 
I. All the farmers use only chemical fertilizers.
II. Organic fertilizers are readily available to farmers.

55. Statement: An advertisement by bank X ‘Our interest rates for education loans are lower than any other bank.’ 
I. Some other banks also provide education loans.
II. Interest rates charged on education loans are different for different banks.

56. Statement: For any problem with your mobile phone, contact our help desk immediately.
I. A help desk has a solution to all kinds of problems related to mobile phones or will guide accordingly.
II. Unless the problem is reported immediately, it cannot be solved.

57. Statement: Use our medicine to fight the problem of obesity.
I. Other slimming medicines available in the market do not reduce weight.
II. Obesity cannot be controlled without medicines.

Answer key:
51. e    
52. b    
53. a    
54. b    
55. e
56. e    
57. d