Argumentation 3 | Hamaraguru

Argumentation 3 | Hamaraguru

Directions (21-24): Read the following statements carefully and answer the questions which follow.
21. Real estate builders have refused to bring down the property prices as proposed by the government this year. Which of the following arguments would strengthen the stance taken by the builders?
(a) Very few people ventured into buying properties this year owing to exorbitant prices set by the builders.
(b) With the ever-increasing cost of basic materials such as cement and steel, the profit of the builders has gone down by 48 percent this year.
(c) The builders have earned huge profit in a governmental scheme for building low-cost housing societies.
(d) In a report published by a national daily, the margin of profit earned by a builder per square foot is as much as eighty percent of its cost price.
(e) The builders have to necessarily abide by the decree of the government which controls the prices of the real estate.

22. The ministry of sports has been advised by a committee to take the highest award in the field of sports back from two players who were allegedly involved in match-fixing. Which of the following statements would weaken the argument put forward by the committee to the sports ministry?
(a) Good conduct in the past and a lack of evidence against the players make the case against then very weak.
(b) The ministry of sports has never declined the recommendations made by the committee earlier.
(c) Taking the award back from the players would set a good example to other players for avoiding such actions in the future.
(d) There have been past cases where the award had to be taken back from the players owing to some misconduct later on.
(e) The committee is constituted of some of the most respected and esteemed members from the fields of sports and politics.

23. Many organizations have been restoring to recruitment based upon performance at graduate/post- graduate level exams rather than conducting exams for the same purpose.
Which of the following statements would strengthen the argument given in the above statement?
(a) A recent study shows no link of past performance with the performance in recruitment exams.
(b) The graduate/post-graduate exams are considered to be severely deficient in training in the job-related environment.
(c) Organizations which had undertaken recruitment based on graduate/post-graduate exams report a significant drop in the quality of the recruited employees.
(d) Such policies would add to unemployment among students having below average performance in graduation or post-graduation.
(e) Such policies could save time, money and resources of the organization which are wasted in the conduct of recruitment examinations.

24. According to a recent government directive, all bank branches in rural areas should be computerized.
Which of the following statements would weaken the government’s argument?
(a) Computerization of bank branches in urban areas has helped in making their performance more efficient and fast.
(b) Computers in banks have suitably substituted lack of skilled and qualified manpower.
(c) Non-computerized bank branches in rural areas have been proved to be as efficient as their computerized counterparts.
(d) The government has introduced a special test for computer knowledge in all recruitment exams for banks.
(e) Unemployment in rural areas could be controlled by training more and more professionals in computers.

25. Read the following information carefully and answer the question which follows.
‘Parents should make strong efforts to curtail the extreme fad for fashion from their children’s minds.’ A research report. Which of the following would weaken the argument presented in the report most appropriately?
(a) The excessive craze of fashion is detrimental to the development of a youngster’s personality.
(b) Following fashion is not harmful but only till it is done to certain reasonable limits.
(c) More fashionable the person, greater are his/her chances to succeed in life.
(d) Fashion takes away the time spent in constructive activities by the youngsters.
(e) Many schools and colleges have uniforms for their students to discourage the craze of fashion amongst them.

26. A huge number of technically qualified young Indians are coming out of colleges every year though there are not enough opportunities for them to get gainful employment.
Which of the following contradicts the views expressed in the above statement?
(a) Technically qualified persons are far superior to those with standard degrees like BA/B.Sc./ Etc.
(b) The government has not done effective perspective planning for engaging technically qualified personnel while authorizing the setting up of technical colleges.
(c) A huge gap exists between the level of competence of technically qualified graduates and the requirement of the industry.
(d) Majority of the technically qualified persons are migrating from India to developed countries for better opportunities.
(e) None of these

27. Statement: It has been reported in a recent study that intake of a moderate quantity of milk chocolate reduces the risk of suffering from central nervous system related illnesses.
Which of the following would weaken the findings of the study reported in the above statement?
(a) People generally prefer to eat chocolate when they are young.
(b) Majority of those not diagnosed with diseases related to the central nervous system have stayed away from eating chocolates in their lives.
(c) Chocolates contain certain elements which strengthen the functions of the central nervous system.
(d) Majority of those suffering from central nervous system related diseases are middle-aged.
(e) Many of those who have diabetes also suffer from other major ailments.
28. Statements: Teachers teach regarding terrorist attacks from books in the colleges. Parents object this because at this tender age if students study about violence it will have a negative impact on the students. Teachers say that movies, television, social media, etc. exposed to violence more than the lessons taught in the classes.
Which of the following statements would weaken the parents’ arguments?
(a) It has been proved that electronic media do much harm than the benefits associated with them.
(b) Teachers teach something in a broad perspective and also warn students regarding the harmful aspect of any event.
(c) Students of colleges are mature enough to distinguish between good and bad things.
(d) There are many other factors which shape the attitude of a student.
(e) It is our duty to acquaint students about everything whether it is good or bad.

29. Statements: The government has enacted a new Company Act which envisages that companies should spend at least two percent of their profit on the activities related to Corporate Social responsibility.
Which of the following statements would strengthen the argument given in the above statement?
(a) It is the duty of entrepreneurs to shoulder the social responsibility and they should spend some money on the deprived classes.
(b) The government should take responsibility for the welfare of deprived classes.
(c) Many companies are already implementing various programmes to help needy people.
(d) The government should increase the rate of tax on the bigger companies and the extra revenue collected should be spent on the deprived classes.
(e) The New Company Act has many drawbacks, and the corporate sector may escape from this responsibility easily.
30. Statement: Company G terminates contract with company S. Company G starts buying raw material from Company L.
Which of the following may be the most plausible reason for the termination of the contract?
(a) Company S was not providing the raw material of good quality.
(b) Company G is offered raw material at a better discount from Company L.
(c) Company L even being a new entrant used an extensive marketing strategy to sell its goods to company G.
(d) Company G wanted to shift to a new variant of finished products which can be provided by only Company L.
(e) Company s was not looking after the problems of company G.

31. Statements: The outbreak of foodborne illness is causing serious problem in day-to-day lifestyle. Many doctors advise people to reduce the consumption of fast food. It will lower down the health problem to a certain extent.
(A) According to a survey about health issues, people should improve the quality of food. Busy lifestyle and an increase in the consumption of fast food is causing mouthful of diseases.
(B) Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides used in vegetables and fruits are equally harmful for consumption.
Which of the two statements mentioned above would weaken the argument given in the paragraph?
(a) Only (A)
(b) Only (B)
(c) Either (A) or (B)
(d) Neither (A) nor (B)
(e) Both (A) and (B)

32. Statement: Doctors found that company M is selling drugs without testing the important aspects of the drugs. Such practice tends the doctor to negate the use of the drug.
Which of the following arguments would strengthen the stance of the company M? 
(a) The commercial production of any drug is permitted after its repeated trial and verification of the result.
(b) Some other companies are also selling the drugs which are sold by the company M.
(c) Some people do not agree with the view put forward by the doctors.
(d) Any drug is put on test by the pharmacist. Doctors are not competent to approve or disapprove any drug.
(e) Doctors promote those drugs which are very costly as they have some share in the profit.

Answer key:
21. b    
22. a    
23. e    
24. c    
25. c
26. d    
27. e    
28. b    
29. a    
30. c
31. b    
32. a