Directions 4 | Hamaraguru

Directions 4 | Hamaraguru

31. A travel towards the east, B travels towards the North. C and D travel in opposite directions. D goes towards the right of A. Which of the following is true?
a) B and C both travel in opposite directions.
b) C moves towards the West
c) D moves towards the North
d) B and C go in the same direction

32. A cow runs 20 m towards East and turns to right, runs 10 m and turns to right, runs 9 m and again turns to left, runs 5 m and then turns to left, runs 12 m and finally turns to left and runs 6 m. Now which direction is the cow facing?
a) North    
b) East
c) South    
d) West

33. A boy started walking from positioning his back towards the son. After sometimes, he turned to left, then turned right and then towards the left again. In which direction is he going now?
a) East or west
b) North or west
c) South or west
d) North or South

34. P is 60 m South-East of Q. R is 60 m North-East of Q. Then, R is in which direction of P?
a) North    
b) North-East
c) South    
d) Sout-East

Directions (35-37): Read the following information for answering the questions that follow:
On a playing ground A, B, C, D, and E are standing as described below facing the North.
(i) B is 50 m to the right of D.
(ii) A is 60 m to South of B.
(iii) C is 40 m to West of D.
(iv) E is 80 m to the north of A.

35. If a boy walks from point C, meets point D followed by point B, point A and then to point E, how many meters has he walked if he has traveled the straight distance all through?
a) 120    
b) 150
c) 170    
d) 230

36. What is the minimum distance that lies ( in meters approximately) between C and E?
a) 53    
b) 78
c) 92    
d) 120

37. Who is to the South-East of a person who is to the left of D?
a) A    
b) C
c) B    
d) E

38. A man was walking in the evening precisely before the sunset. His wife said that his shadow falls on his right side. If the wife was going in the opposite direction of the man, then which direction the wife was facing?
a) North    
b) West
c) South    
d) East

Answer Key:
31. d    
32. a    
33. d    
34. a    
35. b
36. c    
37. a    
38. c