Learn your roots Exercise 7| Hamaraguru

Learn your roots Exercise 7| Hamaraguru



 1. en-


 2. tome

 a cutting

 3. sectus


 4. kentron(centrum)


 5. a-

 not, negative

 6. ana-


 7. dicha

 in two

 8. epi

 on, upon

 9. lingua


 10. philein

 to love

 11. Sophos


 12. adelphos


 13. biblion


 14. anglus


 15. socius


 16. anti



Try to guess the meaning of the words yourself, by hiding the meanings with your hand.

Words with Roots                            Explanation

1.                 Entomology                   Science dealing with insects

2.                 Eccentricity                    strangeness; oddness; unconventionality

3.                 Anatomy                         Physical Structure

4.                 Dichotomy                     Condition or State of being split into two parts

5.                 Epitome                          summary; representation of the whole

6.                 Philology                        linguistics

7.                 Semantics                      Science of meanings

8.                 Sociology                        Science of social structures and customs

9.                 Aphrodisiac                   That which causes sexual arousal

10.               Philander                       To engage in extramarital sex

11.               bibliophile                     book collector

12.               Anglophile                     one fond of English people, customs etc.

13.               Asocial                             withdrawn from contact with people