Linear Arrangement 2 | Hamaraguru

Linear Arrangement 2 | Hamaraguru

Directions (9-12): Study the following given arrangements carefully and answer the questions given below:
11 students A, B, C , D, E ,F, G, H, I, J, K, are sitting in the 1st row of a class facing the teacher. Person D, who is on the immediate left of Person F, is second to the right of Person C. Person A is second to the right of Person E, who is at one of the ends. Person J is the immediate neighbor of Person A and Person B and third to the left of Person G. Person H is on the immediate left of Person D and third to the right of Person I.

9. Who is sitting midway between Person E and Person H?
a) J    
b) B
c) I    
d) G
e) None of these

10. Which of the following given statements is not true in the context of the above sitting arrangement?
a) There are 7 students sitting between K and D
b) G is the immediate neighbor of I and C
c) H is the immediate neighbor of D and F
d) K is between E and A
e) F is third to the right of C

11. To obtain the respective seats of all the persons which statement given above ia not required?
a) I    
b) II
c) III    
d) IV
e) None of these

12. Besides ‘Person E’, who among the following is at the extreme end?
a) K    
b) F
c) B    
d) can’t say
e) None of these

Directions (13-15): Study the following given information carefully to answer the given questions:
Each of the 6 friends, A, B, C, D, E, and F scored different marks in a class examination. Person C scored more than only Person A and Person E. Person D scored less than only Person B. Person E did not score the least. The person who scored the third highest marks scored 81 marks. Person E scored 62 marks.

13. Which of the following could be possible be Person C's score?
b) 94
c) 86    
d) 61
e) 81

14. Which of the following option is true concerning the given information?
a) Person D’s score was less than 60.
b) Person F scored the maximum marks.
c) Only two people scored more than Person C.
d) There is a possibility that Person B scored 79 marks.
e) None is true

15. One who scored the maximum scored 13 marks more than Person F’s marks. Which of the following can be Person D’s score?
a) 94    
b) 60
c) 89    
d) 78
e) 81

8 people – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H are sitting in a straight line facing towards north not necessarily in the same order. F is sitting fifth to right of A. D is sitting fifth to right of E. E is to immediate right of A. H is third to left of D. B is third to right of G. G is immediate neighbor of A.

16. What is Person E’s position concerning Person C?
a) Second to the left
b) Third to the right
c) Fourth to the right
d) Third to the left
e) None of these

17. Who is the person sitting 3rd to the right of the person who is sitting 6th from the right end of the given above arrangement?
a) D    
b) C
c) E    
d) H
e) None of these

18. Who amongst the following are sitting at the extreme ends of the line?
a) G and D    
b) A and D 
c) G and F    
d) E and D
e) A and B

19. 4 of the following are alike in a certain way based on their seating positions/places in the given above arrangement, and so form a group. Which is the one who does not belong to the group?
a) HD    
b) BE
c) EC    
d) AH
e) GB

20. If all 8 persons are asked to sit in alphabetical order from right to left, the positions of how many of these persons will remain unchanged as compared to their original seating position?
a) Three    
b) More than three
c) One    
d) Two
e) None

9. b    
10. c
11. e    
12. b    
13. a    
14. e    
15. c
16. d    
17. b    
18. a    
19. b    
20. e