Mini Dictionary (B) | Hamaraguru

Mini Dictionary (B) | Hamaraguru

1. backlash (BACK-lash): n. sudden violent backward movement; strong negative reaction


2. banal (buh-NAL, BANE-uhl): adj. lacking originality; common, ordinary


3. bastion (BASS-chun): n. a projecting part of a fortification; a fortified area; a stronghold


4. belie (bih-LIE): v. to give a false impression; to contrast with; to contradict


5. bellicose (BELL-ih-kose): adj. favoring or inclined to start wars or quarrels


6. belligerent (buh-LIDJ-uh-runt): adj. waging war; hostile, warlike


7. beneficiary (ben-uh-FISH-ee-ary): n. A person who benefits from something; the person named to receive benefits, especially monetary


8. beset (bih-SET): v. to trouble, set upon, or hem in


9. bifurcate (BUY-fuhr-kate, buy-FUHR-kate): v. to divide into two branches or parts


10. bilateral (buy-LAT-uh-ruhl, buy-LATT-ruhl): adj. having two sides; affecting two sides or parties


11. bland adj. smooth and soothing; showing no personal concern or embarrassment; dull


12. blatant (BLATE-nt): adj. offensively noisy; offensively conspicuous


13. blitzkrieg (BLITS-kreeg): n. war conducted with great speed or force; sudden or violent overpowering bombardment


14. bogus (BOW-guss): adj. not genuine


15. boisterous (BOY-struhss): adj. rowdy, stormy, marked by exuberant high spirits


16. bolster (BOWL-ster): v. to support; to boost


17. boycott (BOY-cott): n. refusal by a group to have dealings with, usually to show disapproval or to force acceptance of certain conditions


18. bristle (BRISS-uhl): v. to take on an aggressive attitude or appearance


19. broach (v.erb) to open up or break into; to open a subject for discussion


20. bruit about (BREWT-uh-BOWT): v. to tell and retell a rumor or report


21. bumbling (BUM-buh-ling): adj. stumbling; speaking in a faltering or stuttering way


22. buoy (BOO-ee, BOY): v. to keep afloat; to support; to raise someone's spirits


23. burnish (BUHRN-ish): v. to rub with a smoothing tool; to make shiny, especially by rubbing