Mini Dictionary (T) | Hamaraguru

Mini Dictionary (T) | Hamaraguru

tack: n. a course or method of action


tangible (TAN-juh-buhl): adj. capable of being appraised at an actual or approximate value; able to be touched; real; 


tedious (TEED-ee-us): adj. boring, tiresomely dull or long; 


telling: adj. effective; weighty. 


terminate (TUHR-muh-nate): v. to discontinue the employment of; to end, to form the end of, to serve as an end to, to conclude. 


theological (thee-oh-LODGE-ih-kuhl): adj. relating to religion study or religious study


titbe (TYTHE): (noun). a small tax


titillation (titt-uhl-AY-shun): (noun). pleasurable excitation


toxic (TOCK-sick): (adjective). affected by a poison; poisonous; 


transcend (trants-SEND): (verb). to outdo in some way; to rise above or go beyond the limits of; to go beyond ordinary limits; 


transgression (trants-GRESH-un): (noun). the act of going beyond the set limits, especially in violation of duty, command, or law


transience (TRANCH-uhnts): (noun). the state or quality of affecting something or producing results beyond itself; the quality or state of being transitory, of remaining only briefly; 


traumatize (TROW-ma-tize-as in OW of pain-or TRAW-ma-tize): (verb). to cause injury, especially an emotional injury to someone


trepidation (trepp-uh-DAY-shun): (noun). worry; apprehension.


trite: (adjective). commonplace; overused


triumvirate (try-UM-vuhr-uht): (noun). a group of three, especially three rulers


troika (TROY-ka): (noun). A group of three, especially closely related things or persons; A Russian vehicle drawn by three horses abreast.


trumped-up: adj. untruthfully put together