Mini Dictionary (U) | Hamaraguru

Mini Dictionary (U) | Hamaraguru
  1. ubiquitous (yu-BICK-wuht-us): (adjective). constantly encountered; being everywhere at the same time.


  1. ultimately (UHL-tuh-muht-Iee): adv. in the end; finally


  1. unadulterated (un-uh-DULL-tuh-ray-tuhd): adj. pure, unmixed


  1. unconscionable (un-KON-shun-uh-buhl): adj. not guided by conscience,


  1. unscrupulous; unreasonable, excessive; shockingly unfair or unjust


  1. unduly (un-DYU-Iee): adv. excessively


  1. unilateral (yu-nih-LAT-uh-ruhl): adj. having only one side; produced on or directed toward one side; one-sided


  1. unmitigated (un-MIT-uh-gate-uhd): adj. not lessened; incapable of change or of being changed


  1. unprecedented (un-PRESS-uh-dent-uhd): adj. never having happened before; wonderful; extraordinary


  1. unprepossessing (un-pree-po-ZESS-ing): adj. unattractive; uninfluential


  1. untempered (un-TEM-puhrd): adj. undiluted; unrestrained


  1. urbane (uhr-BANE): adj. very polite and smooth in manner


  1. urcbin (UHR-chin): n. a naughty child; a child of the streets


  1. utopian (yu-TOE-pee-uhn): adj. having or relating to ideal perfection, or a place of such; impossibly ideal; proposing impractically ideal schemes