Mini Dictionary (V) | Hamaraguru

Mini Dictionary (V) | Hamaraguru
  1. vacuity (va-KYU-uh-tee): n. space; state or fact of being empty, idle, or lacking in ideas or intelligence


  1. vehicle (VEE-uh-kuhl): n. a carrier or means of carrying; a medium through which something is achieved or displayed


  1. vendetta (ven-DETT-uh): n. a long, bitterly hostile feud


  1. veritable (VER-uht-uh-buhl): adj. real, authentic (often used to underscore the aptness of a metaphor)


  1. vernal (VUHR-nuhl): adj. relating to spring; fresh, new; youthful


  1. viable (VY-uh-buhl): adj. able to live or grow, especially as an independent unit; able to work or develop adequately


  1. vicarious (vy-KARE-ee-us): adj. substituting for someone or something else; imaginative or sympathetic participation in someone else's experience


  1. vie (vy): v. to battle for superiority; to rival


  1. vindicate (VIN-dick-ate): v. to avenge, exonerate, justify, or defend


  1. vintage (VIN-tuhj): adj. of old, recognized, or lasting interest, importance, or quality


  1. virtually (VUHRCH-uh-wuh-Iee): adv. almost entirely; for all practical purposes


  1. visceral (VIS-uh-ruhl): adj. felt in, or as if in, the guts; instinctive; dealing with crude or elemental emotions


  1. volatile (VAHL-uht-l): adj. lighthearted; easily aroused; explosive; changeable; difficult to get or hold permanently


  1. vogue (VOAG): n. popularity; period of being in fashion; something in fashion at a particular time


  1. vulpine (VUHL-pine): adj. like a fox; tricky, sly