One Word Substitution Practice Problems 22 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 22 | Hamaraguru

11. Failing to discharge one’s duty
a) Debacle    
b) Dereliction
c) Determination    
d) Deterrent

12. A person who able to use the left hand and right hand equally well is
a) Ambivert    
b) Ambidextrous
c) Ambivalent    
d) Ambitious

13. One who hates women
a) Philanthropist    
b) Ascetic
c) Misogamist    
d) Misogynist

14. A system of naming things
a) Horticulture    
b) Miniature
c) Genocide    
d) Nomenclature

15. A raised passageway in a building
a) Walkway    
b) Walkout 
c) Walkabout    
d) Walkover

16. A cure for all diseases
a) Laxative    
b) Panacea
c) Antidote    
d) Purgative

17. To confirm with the help of evidence
a) Corroborate    
b) Implicate
c) Designate    
d) Extricate

18. The action of looking within or into one’s mind
a) Observation    
b) Examination
c) Introspection    
d) Introvert

19. One who has narrow and prejudice religious views
a) Religious    
b) Fanatic
c) Bigot    
d) God-fearing

20. Capable of being interpreted in two ways
a) Confusing    
b) Unclear
c) Ambiguous    
d) Ambivert

Answer Key:
11. b    
12. b    
13. d    
14. d    
15. a    
16. b    
17. a    
18. c    
19. b    
20. c