One Word Substitution Practice Problems 3 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 3 | Hamaraguru
21. Give and receive mutually
a) Present    
b) Reciprocate
c) Compromise    
d) Approve
22. One who can think about the future with wisdom and imagination
a) Dreamer    
b) Seer
c) Idealist    
d) Visionary
23. A doctor who treats children
a) Pediatrician    
b) Pedagogue
c) Pedestrian    
d) Pedophile
24. One who studies election trends using opinion polls
a) Entomologist    
b) Psephologist
c) Demagogue    
d) Eugenist
25. One who believes in providing equal opportunities to women in all spheres
a) Male chauvinist 
b) Feminist
c) Fatalist    
d) Futurist
26. The killing of a child
a) Homicide    
b) Genocide
c) Infanticide    
d) Suicide
27. The art of good eating
a) Gastronomy    
b) Astronomy
c) Vegetarianism    
d) Gourmet
28. One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain 
a) Stoic    
b) Stylist
c) Cynic    
d) Psychic
29. Lasting only for a moment
a) Momentous    
b) Momentary
c) Trivial    
d) Petty
30. To seize control of a vehicle in order demand something or to force it to go to a new destination.
a) Attack
b) Contract
c) Hijack
d) Detour
Answer Key: 
21. b    
22. d    
23. a    
24. b    
25. b    
26. c    
27. a    
28. a    
29. b    
30. c