One Word Substitution Practice Problems 4 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 4 | Hamaraguru

31. A person who goes to settle in another country
a) Immigrant    
b) Alien
c) Citizen    
d) Emigrant

32. One who hates humankind
a) Philanthropist    
b) Terrorist
c) Misanthropist    
d) Misogynist

33. Belonging to all parts of the world
a) Versatile    
b) Universal
c) Cosmopolitan    
d) Secular

34. One who walks on ropes
a) Funambulist    
b) Upholsterer
c) Acrobat    
d) Aviator

35. The study of origin and history of words
a) Linguistics    
b) Etymology
c) Verbose    
d) Anthology

36. A person who breaks into a house to steal
a) Poacher    
b) Bandit
c) Intruder    
d) Burglar

37. The study of maps
a) Cartography    
b) Geography
c) Geology    
d) Atlas

38. Tough tissues in joints
a) Ligaments    
b) Endoderm
c) Muscle    
d) Fiber

39. The first model of a new device
a) Prototype    
b) Sculpture
c) Icon    
d) Photograph
40. A building where an audience sits
a) Aquarium    
b) Gymnasium
c) Auditorium    
d) Stadium

Answer Key: 
31. d    
32. c    
33. c    
34. c    
35. b    
36. d    
37. a    
38. a    
39. a    
40. c