One Word Substitution Practice Problems 33 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 33 | Hamaraguru

21. Animals which live in water
a) Wild    
b) Domestic
c) Aquatic    
d) Barren

22. The study of plant life
a) Zoology    
b) Botany
c) Geography    
d) Geology

23. One who eats too much
a) Glutton    
b) Obese
c) Overweight    
d) Greedy

24. Existing only in mind
a) Imaginary    
b) Fallacy
c) Gamble    
d) Missionary

25. Likely to arouse envy
a) Enviable    
b) Economical
c) Envious    
d) Jealous
26. A person who loves and supports his or her country and is willing to defend it
a) A patriot    
b) A martyr
c) An alien    
d) An atheist

27. One who knows everything
a) Omnipresent    
b) Omnipotent
c) Omniscient    
d) Almighty

28. Animals that eat flesh
a) Herbivorous    
b) Omnivorous
c) Carnivorous    
d) Aquatic

29. Handwriting which is difficult or impossible to read
a) Illegitimate    
b) Illicit
c) Illegible    
d) Illusive

30. Talking disrespectfully of sacred things
a) Heresy    
b) Atheism
c) Blasphemy    
d) Apostasy

Answer Key:

21. c    
22. b    
23. a    
24. a    
25. a    
26. a    
27. c    
28. c    
29. c    
30. c