One Word Substitution Practice Problems 34 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 34 | Hamaraguru

31. Men living in the same age
a) Recent    
b) Modern
c) Contemporary    
d) Compatriot

32. A person who is killed fighting for the cause of religion or faith
a) Prophet    
b) Martyr
c) Seer    
d) Mystic

33. A list of books and writings of one subject or one author
a) Biography    
b) Lithography
c) Bibliography    
d) Orthography

34. A yearly celebration of an event or a date
a) Birthday    
b) Jubilee
c) Anniversary    
d) Centenary

35. A list of the names of the books
a) Epilogue    
b) Dialogue
c) Catalogue    
d) Prologue

36. A person who readily believes others
a) Credible    
b) Credulous
c) Sensitive    
d) Sensible

37. A person having an evil reputation
a) Notorious    
b) Malicious
c) Magnanimous    
d) Dubious

38. One who helps even a stranger in difficulty
a) Samaritan    
b) Altruist
c) Philanthropist    
d) Beneficiary

39. The production of raw silk
a) Sericulture    
b) Seroculture
c) Sariculture    
d) Syrumculture
40. A meaningless language with an exaggerated style intended to impress
a) Orator    
b) Public speaking
c) Verbalization    
d) Rhetoric

Answer Key:

31. c    
32. b    
33. c    
34. c    
35. c    
36. b    
37. a    
38. a    
39. a    
40. d