One Word Substitution Practice Problems 40 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 40 | Hamaraguru

41. A person who devotes her or his life for the welfare of others
a) Altruist    
b) Hermit
c) Volunteer    
d) Martyr

42. A person who shows off his learning
a) Pedant    
b) Educationist
c) Exhibitor    
d) Researcher

43. Written law of legislative body
a) Statute    
b) Stature
c) Static    
d) Statue

44. A beam or pole used as a temporary support
a) Scaffold    
b) Prop
c) Lean-to    
d) Rafter

45. One who studies the art of gardening
a) Agriculturist    
b) Horticulturist
c) Gardener    
d) Botanist

46. The line where the land and the sky seems to meet
a) Atmosphere    
b) Milky Way
c) Horizon    
d) Distant land

47. A list of passengers and luggage
a) Waybill    
b) Wagon
c) Wirepuller    
d) Whist

48. A person difficult to please
a) Fastidious    
b) Callous
c) Sadist    
d) Ferocious

49. That which cannot be defeated
a) Invincible    
b) Invulnerable
c) Infallible    
d) Indictable

50. Study of the nature of god
a) Philology    
b) Theology
c) Humanism    
d) Philosophy

Answer Key:
41. a    
42. a    
43. a    
44. b    
45. b    
46. c    
47. a    
48. a    
49. a    
50. b