One Word Substitution Practice Problems 41 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 41 | Hamaraguru

1. A short story that is based on your personal experience

a) Legend           

b) Anecdote

c) Fable

d) Parable


2. A former student of a school, a college or a university

a) Genius            

b) Scholar

c) Learner           

d) Alumnus


3. A building in which aircraft are housed

a) Granary          

b) Dockyard

c) Garage            

d) Hangar


4. A person who lends money at a very high interest

a) Banker            

b) Usurer

c) Imposter        

d) Former


5. Incapable of being approached

a) Inaccessible  

b) Inadmissible

c) Irresistible     

d) Illegal


6. One who takes care of a building

a) Janitor            

b) Manager

c) Warden          

d) Beadle


7. One who possesses many talents

a) Versatile        

b) Unique

c) Dexterous     

d) Attractive


8. Detailed plan of journey

a) Travelogue   

b) Travel-kit

c) Schedule        

d) Itinerary


9. One who lives/survives on others / other lives

a) Expatriate     

b) Pesticide

c) Parasite          

d) Refugee


10. An assembly of worshippers

a) Configuration              

b) Confrontation

c) Congregation

d) Conflagration



Answer Key:

1. B       

2. D       

3. d       

4. b       

5. a        

6. c        

7. a        

8. d       

9. c        

10. c