One Word Substitution Practice Problems 46 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 46 | Hamaraguru

1. A supplement to a will

a) Furlough       

b) Adjunct

c) Effusion         

d) Codicil


2. Estimation of a thing’s worth

a) Pay  

b) Goodness

c) Appraisal       

d) Beliefs


3. To free completely from blame

a) Let go             

b) Clear

c) Exonerate    

d) Release


4. Passing out of use

a) Adolescent  

b) Reticent

c) Translucent  

d) Obsolescent


5. A drink that made from a mixture of one  or more alcoholic beverages

a) Cocktail         

b) Mocktail

c) Liquor             

d) Bisque


6. Affecting or relating to cows

a) Feline             

b) Bovine

c) Ovine             

d) Vulpine


7. Something that might happen in the future

a) Contingency

b) Insurance

c) Emergency   

d) Prophecy


8. Relating to kinship with the father

a) Patrilineal     

b) Fratrilineal

c) Matrilineal    

d) Familial


9. A part of a word that can be pronounced separately

a) Particle          

b) Sibilant

c) Syllable          

d) Letter


10. To remove an objectionable part from a book

a) Exterminate

b) Expurgate

c) Extirpate       

d) Destroy


Answer Key:


1. D      

2. C      

3. c       

4. d      

5. a       

6. b      

7. a       

8. a       

9. c       

10. b