One Word Substitution Practice Problems 47 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 47 | Hamaraguru

11. About Sheep

a) Canine           

b) Bovine

c) Ovine             

d) Feline


12. Hole excavated by an animal as a dwelling

a) Borrow          

b) Burrow

c) Bore

d) Pierce


13. A person believing in free will

a) Guardian      

b) Tyrant

c) Humanitarian

d) Libertarian


14. Small pieces of metal which fly out from an exploding bomb

a) Shrapnel       

b) Splinters

c) Filings             

d) Bullets


15. All the arts, beliefs & social institutions, etc. characteristics of a race

a) Culture          

b) Civilization

c) Infrastructure             

d) Ritual


16. The act of speaking about a person’s thoughts when a person is alone

a) Silence           

b) Monologue

c) Dialogue        

d) Soliloquy


17. Study of caves

a) Speleology   

b) Seismology

c) Topology       

d) Numismatics


18. Government by few

a) Oligarchy      

b) Autocracy

c) Monarchy     

d) Anarchy


19. Materials which change naturally by the action of bacteria

a) Inflammable

b) Perishable

c) Biological       

d) Biodegradable


20. Having a stale smell or taste

a) Rancid            

b) Insipid

c) Savory         

d) Tepid


Answer Key:

11. c     

12. b    

13. d    

14. b    

15. a    

16. d    

17. a    

18. a    

19. d    

20. a