One Word Substitution Practice Problems 52 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 52 | Hamaraguru

61. A written declaration of government or from a political party

a) Manifesto     

b) Affidavit

c) Dossier           

d) Document


62. One who is rather fastidious

a) Tempestuous

b) Punctual

c) Meticulous    

d) Carefree


63. Pay attention

a) Heed

b) Glance at

c) Overlook        

d) Repair


64. Branch of medicine concerned with children

a) Cardiology     

b) Osteopathy

c) Pediatrics       

d) Morphology


65. Government by the wealthy

a) Theocracy     

b) Plutocracy

c) Bureaucracy 

d) Aristocracy


66. A person who collects/studies stamps

a) Pioneer          

b) Philatelist

c) Pianist             

d) Philanthropist


67. Information about the bird species was inaccessible. One has to access rare websites to access it

a) That which cannot be read

b) That which cannot be reached

c) That which cannot be remembered

d) That which cannot be stretched


68. Guilty of crime

a) Daring             

b) Suspicious

c) Culpable         

d) Ruthless


69. Incapable of being tired

a) Indefatigable

b) Invincible

c) Untiring          

d) Tireless


70. People at a religious gathering

a) Rabble            

b) Mob

c) Congregation

d) Crowd


Answer Key:

61. a     

62. c      

63. a     

64. c      

65. b     

66. b     

67. b     

68. c      

69. a     

70. c