One Word Substitution Practice Problems 6 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 6 | Hamaraguru

1. Science of diseases

a) Philology        

b) Pathology

c) Psychology    

d) Virology


2. One who secretly listens to the talks of others

a) Spy   

b) detective

c) Emissary         

d) Eavesdropper


3. One who believes in no government and therefore incites disorder in a state is :

a) Monarchist   

b) Anarchist

c) Autocrat         

d) Naxalite


4. An indirect  or mild  expression substituted for an offensive or harsh one

a) Euphemism  

b) Truism

c) Favoritism   

d) Altruism


5. Murder of parents

a) Patricide        

b) Parricide

c) Matricide       

d) Homicide


6. Animals who live in herds

a) Sociable         

b) Gregarious

c) Carnivorous  

d) Social


7. A broad road bordered with trees

a) Boudoir          

b) Boulevard

c) Avenue          

d) Facade


8. Violation of something holy or sacred

a) Profanity

b) Sedition

c) Sacrilege        

d) Slander


9. Simple, fast-spreading plant without flowers or leaves, which will often cause disease is:

a) Bacteria          

b) Amoeba

c) Virus

d) Fungus


10. One who is greedy

a) Voracious      

b) Avaricious

c) Carnivorous  

d) Omnivorous


Answer Key:

1. b       

2. d       

3. b       

4. a        

5. a        

6. b       

7. b       

8. c        

9. d       

10. a