One Word Substitution Practice Problems 8 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 8 | Hamaraguru

21. Too much official formality

a) Bureaucracy 

b) Red-Tapism

c) Nepotism      

d) Formalism


22. Dry weather with no rainfall

a) Draught          

b) Draft

c) Drought          

d) Desert


23. A sly look that is lustful

a) Leer 

b) Lore

c) Lark  

d) Littoral


24. A jocular person who is full of amusing anecdotes is:

a) Wile 

b) Yokel

c) Wag 

d) Aeon


25. Deep in thought

a) Meditation   

b) Pensive

c) Pesky              

d) Purloin


26. Without the risk of punishment

a) Impudent      

b) Impunity

c) Inexorable    

d) Imperturbable


27. Excessive preoccupation with one’s health

a) Hypochondria              

b) Malaise

c) Disaffected   

d) Malinger


28. The worship of idols or images

a) Atheism         

b) Theism

c) Idolatry           

d) Iconoclasm


29. Something that is poisonous or unhealthy

a) Trivial              

b) Toxic

c) Torpid             

d) Tragic


30. A remedy for all diseases

a) Amnesia        

b) Panacea

c) Intelligentsia

d) Parasol


Answer Key:

21. b     

22. c      

23. a     

24. c      

25. b     

26. b     

27. a     

28. c      

29. b     

30. b