One Word Substitution Practice Problems 9 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 9  | Hamaraguru

31. Irresistible craving for alcoholic drinks

a) Megalomania              

b) Dipsomania

c) Kleptomania 

d) Pyromania


32. One who deserts to own principles or party

a) Apostle          

b) Proselyte

c) Renegade      

d) Critic


33. One who intervenes between two or more parties to settle their differences

a) Neutral           

b) Intermediary

c) Judge              

d) Connoisseur


34. The habit of always admiring oneself

a) Psychosis       

b) Neurosis

c) Narcissism     

d) Paranoia


35. To take back, withdraw or renounce

a) Repent           

b) Retrace

c) Refuse            

d) Recent


36. A pen for small animals

a) Hutch              

b) Lair

c) Den  

d) Cage


37. A person who is having more than one husband at the same time

a) Polyandry      

b) Polygamy

c) Polyphony     

d) Polygyny


38. Feeding on food made both of plants and flesh

a) Carnivorous  

b) Omnipotent

c) Omnivorous 

d) Optimist


39. One who destroys images or attach popular beliefs

a) Imagist           

b) Misanthropist

c) Iconoclast      

d) Masochist


40. A place where nuns live and work

a) Church            

b) School

c) Abode             

d) Convent


Answer Key:

31. b     

32. c      

33. b     

34. c      

35. d     

36. a     

37. a     

38. c      

39. c      

40. d