One Word Substitution Practice Problems 10 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 10 | Hamaraguru

41. General view of a person’s character

a) Biography      

b) Profile

c) Introduction 

d) Sketch


42. The wild and noisy disorder

a) Agitation        

b) Revolution

c) Pandemonium            

d) Stir


43. A person delivered the first public speech

a) Maiden speech

b) Inaugural speech

c) Trial speech  

d) Marathon speech


44. A person who does not follow the usual rules of social life

a) Bohemian     

b) Artisan

c) Partisan          

d) Physician


45. Placing a thing beside another

a) Impose           

b) Repose

c) Juxtapose      

d) Expose


46. Expert in the scientific study of birds

a) Dermatologist             

b) Zoologist

c) Ornithologist

d) Astronaut


47. Building or place in which dead bodies are kept for a time

a) Mortuary       

b) Monastery

c) Sanatorium   

d) Crematorium


48. Property handed down after the person dies is

a) Legacy            

b) Legend

c) Patrimony     

d) Inheritance


49. A group of girls

a) Bevy

b) Covey

c) Troupe            

d) Coterie


50. Causing or ending in death

a) Fatal

b) Deadly

c) Serious           

d) Dangerous


Answer Key:

41. b     

42. c      

43. a     

44. a     

45. c      

46. c      

47. a     

48. d     

49. a     

50. a