Phrasal Verbs 20 | Hamaraguru

Phrasal Verbs 20 | Hamaraguru




 Tell upon

 (affect adversely)

 I have warned him that heavy work will tell upon his health.

 (Be) taken in

 (be deceived)

 for all your intelligence you are likely to be taken in by imposters.

 Take for

 (supposed to be, identify)

 I took the scoundrel for a noble person.

 Taken aback

 (be surprised)

 I was taken aback to hear of the news of his failure.

 Talk over

 (discuss a matter)

 agreed to go home and talk over the matter.

 Turn down

 (reject, strike down)

 I turned down the request of my friend to go to Shimla.

 Turn off

 (stop, switch off)

 please make it a point to turn off water tap before you go out.

 Turn on

 (switch on, start)

 she turned on the shower to take bath.

 Turn over

 (change, capsize, upset)

 the boat turned over and 10 persons were drowned.

 Turn out

 (proof, reveal, expel)

 nothing ever turned out right for me in life.