Phrasal Verbs 8 | Hamaraguru

Phrasal Verbs 8 | Hamaraguru




 Fall through

 (to remain incomplete, fail)

 for want of sufficient funds, our new project is likely to fall through.

 Follow up

 (pursue after the first attempt)

 the idea has been followed up by a group of researchers.

 Get ahead

 (go forward)

 One can get ahead of his/her Rivals only by hard work.

 Get along

 (be friendly)

 we can’t get along together because of temperamental differences.

 Get at

 (reach, understand)

 getting at the truth etc. is tough.

 Get away


 they got away on a scooter.

 Get away with

 (without being punished or with little punishment)

 although His fault was severe, he got away with a light sentence.

 Get on


 how is your daughter getting on with your study?

 Get on with

 (live together, pull with)

 both husband and wife are getting on well with each other.

 Get over

 (recover from illness or shock, come over)

 he is still trying to get over the financial crises.