Problem on Ages

Problem on Ages

1. The age of prakash and priya are in the ratio of 5:7 sixteen year s ago their ages were in the ratio
of 3:5 the present age of prakash is
a) 30 yrs

b) 35 yrs

c) 40 yrs

d) 45 yrs


2. The ratio of ages of Jack and sill is 4:3 the product their ages in 432 what will be the ratio of their
ages after 18 years?
a) 7:6

b) 6:7

c) 7:8

d) 8:7


3. Reshma is 40 years old and monish 60 years old how many years ago was the ratio of their ages
a) 10 yrs

b) 20 yrs

c) 37 yrs

d) 5 yrs


4. If 1 ½ years is added to 3/7 age of saga, he will be half of his age, what is his actual age?
a) 20 yrs

b) 21 yrs

c) 5 yrs

d) 18 yrs


5. He was x years old six years ago how old shall he be right years hence?
a) x-2

b) x+14

c) x+6

d) x+2


6. The product of the ages of ankit nikiten is 240. It twice the age of nikita is more than ankit’s age
by 4 years. What is nikita’s age?
a) 12 yrs

b) 13 yrs

c) 14 yrs

d) 15 yrs


7. The ages of two persons differ by 16 years it 6 years ago, the edder me is 3 time as old as the
younger one, find the age of younger me
a) 14 yrs

b) 30 yrs

c) 15 yrs

d) 18 yrs


8. It 6 years subtracted from the present age of gogan and the remainder is divided by 18, than the
present age of his grandson anup is obtained. If anup is 2 years younger to madan whose age is
5 years, than what is Gogan’s present age?
a) 48 yrs

b) 60 yrs

c) 84 yrs

d) 96 yrs


9. Mother’s age today is thrice as her daughter’s after 10 years it would be just double. How much
old in the daughter today?
a) 5 yrs

b) 8 yrs

c) 10 yrs

d) 12 yrs


10. A father says to his son, I was as old as you are at present while you were born, it the present
age of father is 36 years, than find the age of son, five years ago.
a) 15 yrs

b) 20 yrs

c) 13 yrs

d) 18 yrs


11. The total age of A & B is 12 years more than the total age of B & C. C is how many years younger than A?
a) 12 yrs

b) 24 yrs

c) 36 yrs

d) data inadequate


12. 10 yrs ago, a father was 4 times as old as his son, after 20 yrs, he will be twice as old as his son. Find the son’s age.
a) 20 yrs

b) 22 yrs

c) 25 yrs

d) 28 yrs


13. A person was asked to state his age an years. His reply was. ”Take my age 3 years hence multiply it by 3 & then subtract 3 times my age 3 years ago & you will know how old I am”. What was the age of the person?
a) 18 yrs

b) 20 yrs

c) 25 yrs

d) 32 yrs


14. Ayesha’s father was 38 years of age when she was born while her mother was 36 years old
when her brother 4 years younger to are was born. What is the difference blue the ages of her
a) 2 yrs

b) 4 yrs

c) 6 yrs

d) 8 yrs


15. Sneha’s age is 1/6th of her father’s age. Sneha’s father’s age will be twice of vimal’s eighth b’day
was celebrated 2 years before, then what is sneha ‘s present age?
a) 6 2/3 yrs

b) 24 yrs

c) 30 yrs

d) none


16. The sum of the ages of 5 children born at the intervals of 3 years each is 50 yrs. What is the age
of the youngest child?
a) 4 yrs

b) 8 yrs

c) 10 yrs

d) none


17. Q is as much younger than R as he is older than T. it the sum of the ages or R & T is 50 yrs, what is defiritely blue R & Q’s age?
a) 1 yr

b) 2 yrs

c) 25 yrs

d) data inadequate


18. The sum of the present ages of a father & his son is 60 years. Six years ago, father’s age was five times the age of the son. After 6 years Son’ age will be
a) 12 Yers

b) 14 Yrs

c) 18 Yrs

d) 20 Yrs


19. Tanya’s Grandfatehr was 8 time elder to her 16 years ago. He would be 3 times of her age 8
years from now. Eight years ago. What was the ratio of Tanya’s age to that of her grandfather?
a) 1:2

b) 1:5

c) 3:8

d) none


20. A person’s present age is two-fifth of the age of his mother. After 8 years he will be one half of the age of his mother. Then old in the mother at present
a) 32 years

b) 36 Years

c) 40 Years

d) 48 Years


21. The Ration b/w the school ages of Neelam & Shaan is 5:6 respectively. If the ratio b/w the
one – third age of Neelam & half of Shaan’s age is 5:9 then what is the School age of Shaan?
a) 25 Years

b) 30 Years

c) 36 Years

d) Cannot be determined


22. Hitesh is 40 Years old and Ronnie is 60 Years old How many years ago was the ratio of their
ages 3:5?
a) 5 Years

b) 10 Years

c) 20 Years

d) 37 Years


23. The total of the ages of Jayant, prem & Saran is 93 years. Ten Years ago, the ratio of their
ages was 2:3:4 what is the present age of Saran?
a) 24 Years

b) 32 Years

c) 34 Years

d) 38 Years