Square of a Number ending with 95

Square of a Number ending with 95

Let’s say, we want to calculate the square of \( 295^{2} \) . The entire steps are illustrated in the following figure.

Step 1 : Break the number such that 5 is on the right and the rest of the digits ( i.e, 39 in this case) is on the left.

Step 2 : Obtain the square of 5 on the right to get 025. This forms the second part of the answer. Please note, a number ending with 95 will always have 025 as the last part of the answer when you take its square.

Step 3 : Take the rest of the digits(29) and multiply by 3 which is 1 more than the first digit 2. This forms the LHS part of the answer.

So, the final answer is 87025.


Important : The square of any number which ends with a95 would look like a9 x (a+1)/025.

Few more Examples: