Puzzles 1 | Hamaraguru

Puzzles 1 | Hamaraguru

Directions (1-5): Study the following given information carefully and answer the given questions carefully:

One of the 7 subjects, viz. Maths, Zoology, Chemistry, Botany, Physics, English and Statistics is taught on one day in a week starting from Monday and ending on Sunday. Chemistry is to be taught on Thursday. English is taught on the day immediately next to to the day when zoology is to be taught. English is taught neither on Tuesday nor on Saturday. Only one lecture is to be held between Chemistry and Botany. 2 lectures are scheduled between Maths and Zoology. Statistics is neither taught on Monday nor Sunday.

1. On which of the following given days is Physics taught?
a) Monday    
b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday    
d) Thursday
e) Friday

2. How many subjects are taught between  Zoology and Botany?

a) None    
b) One
c) Two    
d) Three
e) Four

3. Which of the following given subjects is taught on Saturday?
a) Botany    
b) Statistics
c) Zoology    
d) Maths
e) Physics

4. On which of the following given days is Statistics taught?
a) Tuesday    
b) Wednesday
c) Thursday    
d) Saturday
e) Friday

5. If Physics is related to Botany and Statistics is related to Zoology in a certain way, then to which of the following subject would Chemistry be related to, following the same pattern?

a) Maths    
b) Statistics
c) Physics    
d) English
e) Cannot be determined

Directions (6-8): Study the following given information to answer the given questions:

A building has 7 floors numbered one to seven, in such a way that the ground floor is numbered 1, the floor above it numbered 2 and so on such that the topmost floor is 7. One out of 7 people viz. A, B, C, D, E, F, and G lives on each of these. Person A lives on the 4th floor.  Person E lives on the floor immediately below the Person F’s floor. Person F does not live on the second or seventh floor. Person C does not live on an odd numbered floor. Person B does not live on a floor immediately below or above Person C’s floor. Person D does not live on the topmost floor. Person G does not live on any floor below Person E’s floor.

6. Who lives on the topmost floor?
a) B    
b) C
c) E    
d) G
e) Cannot be determined

7. Who lives immediately above D’s floor?
a) A    
b) B
c) C    
d) F
e) G

8. 4 of the 5 following are alike in a certain way and forms one group. Who is the one that does not belong to that group?
a) F    
b) D
c) B    
d) G
e) C

Answer Key:
1. a    
2. d    
3. c    
4. e    
5. b
6. d    
7. c    
8. e