Puzzles 2 | Hamaraguru

Puzzles 2 | Hamaraguru

Directions (9-13): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

A group of 7 friends A, B, C, D, E, E, F and G works as Economist, Agriculture Officer, Terminal Operator, Clerk, IT Officer, Forex Officer and Research Analyst for Banks of L, M, N, P, Q, R and S but need not to be in the same order. Person C works for bank N and is neither a clerk nor a research analyst. Person E is an IT Officer and works for bank R. Person A works as Forex Officer and does not work for banks of  L or Q. The person who is an Agriculture Officer works for bank M. The person who works for bank L works as a Terminal Operator. Person F works for bank Q. Person G works for Bank P as a Research Analyst. Person D is not an Agriculture Officer.

9. Who amongst the following working as an Agriculture Officer?
a) C    
b) B
c) F    
d) D
e) None of these
10. What is the profession of C?
a) Terminal Operator
b) Agriculture Officer
c) Economist
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these

11. For which bank does B work?
a) M    
b) S
c) L    
d) Either M or S
e) None of these

12. What is the job of the person who works in bank S?
a) Clerk
b) Agriculture Officer
c) Terminal Operator
d) Forex Officer
e) None of these

13. Which of the following given combinations of person, profession, and the bank is correct?
a) A - Forex Officer - M
b) D - Clerk - L
c) F - Agriculture Officer - Q
d) B - Agriculture Officer - S
e) None of these

Directions (14-20): Study the following given information to answer the given questions:

6 chemicals L, M, N, O, P and Q are kept in bottles of different colors viz. green, red, blue, pink, violet and white, need not be in the same order. These bottles are placed from left to right,  need not be in the same order. Chemical M is kept in a white bottle. Chemical L is not kept in a green bottle and is kept to the immediate left of a violet bottle. Chemical O is kept in a blue bottle and is kept exactly between the bottles containing chemicals M and L. The red bottle is placed at the extreme left end. The bottles containing chemical Q is not at any of the ends. Chemical P is not near the white bottle.  The green bottle is placed at the extreme right end. 

14. 4 of the following 5 are alike in a certain way based on their positions in the above arrangement and forms one group. Which is the one pair that does not belong to the group?
a) LM    
b) LP
c) QO    
d) LQ
e) NO

15. Which bottle contains chemical L?
a) Pink    
b) Blue
c) Red
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these

16. Which of the following combinations of bottle and chemical is correct?
a) P-Red    
b) N- Green
c) P-Green    
d) Q-Pink
e) None of these

17. Which bottle contains chemical Q?
a) Pink
b) Green
c) Violet
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these

18. If all the chemicals are arranged alphabetically from left to right, then positions of how many chemicals will remain unchanged?
a) None    
b) One
c) Two    
d) Three
e) Four

19. Which bottle contains chemical N?
a) Green
b) Red
c) Pink
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these

20. Which chemical is placed in the bottle at the extreme right end?
a) P
b) N
c) L
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these

Answer Key:
9. b    
10. c
11. a    
12. d    
13. e    
14. d    
15. a
16. a    
17. c    
18. b    
19. b    
20. a