One Word Substitution Practice Problems 7 | Hamaraguru

One Word Substitution Practice Problems 7 | Hamaraguru

11. An area of land that is entirely controlled by a ruler is:

a) Colony            

b) Dominion

c) Country          

d) Municipality


12. A place where Jews are worship according to their religion is:

a) Cathedral      

b) Synagogue

c) Chapel            

d) Demagogue


13. The study of religion and religious beliefs and ideas

a) Theocracy     

b) Theosophy

c) Theology        

d) Theism


14. Dissection of a dead body to find out the cause of death

a) Biopsy             

b) Investigation

c) Surgery           

d) Autopsy


15. One without training or experience in a skill or subject is

a) Chaplin           

b) Mason

c) Artisan            

d) Novice


16. One who stays away from school without permission is

a) Pedant           

b) Suplicant

c) Mendicant    

d) Truant


17. The act of killing a whole group of people, especially an entire race is

a) Patricide        

b) Parricide

c) Matricide       

d) Genocide


18. A government in which all religions are being honored is:

a) Communist   

b) Socialist

c) Secular            

d) Capitalist


19. A place where government/public records were kept is

a) Archive           

b) Museum

c) Shelf

d) Cellar


20. Living together of a woman and man without being married to each other is 

a) Marriage        

b) Equipage

c) Lineage           

d) Concubinage


Answer Key:

11. a     

12. b     

13. c      

14. d     

15. d     

16. d     

17. d     

18. c      

19. a     

20. d